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Corporate Custom Snow Globe Cards
Author: John Ranes September/17/13
Custom Coporate card by Up With Paper for Vialux
Custom designed Pop-up Snow Globe cards are within your reach, with a minimum of only 300 cards required to have your corporate logo added as a medallion to an existing design. We offer a 20% discount from our retail pricing for orders of 300+.

Complete custom designs are also available starting at 3,000 units. Please allow a full 75 days for custom work. A 25% discount is offered on these orders with payment in full for custom work.

August 1st is about the latest one should wait on a full custom design.

Berryman Chemical was a 2012 Coporate customer of The Frame Workshop
Berryman Chemical
Samples of Custom Medallions added to Existing Designs

Quality Grinding Aids of Oklahoma was a corporate client of Snow Globe cards from The Frame Workshop in 2012
Quality Grinding Aids
TXU Energy of Irving, Texas - customer in 2013
TXU Energy of Irving, Texas
If you are a corporate customer, simply looking at our standard designs available, we offer additional discounts at 100+ (10%), 200+ (15%) and 300+ (20%) quantities. Here are the current designs available... UWP Pop-Up Snow Globe Cards

Please send an email to John Ranes if you have any questions regarding custom designs or medallions added to an existing design.

John Ranes

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