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German Folk Art Video Page
Author: John Ranes October/06/04
These videos will help you understand the artistry and skill associated with many of the German folk art items we sell in our shop during the Christmas season. We believe that having decor that is rich in history as well as the
pride of being hand-crafted is important.

How Müller Pyramids are Made

See in this video, the meticulous process in which German Candle Pyramids are manufactured at the Müller factory in Seiffen, Erzgebirge, Germany....

How Ulbricht Nutcrackers are Made

See in detail how nutcrackers are made at the Ulbricht factories in Germany. This first aired on TV in the U.S. in 2010 on the "How It's Made" series on the Discovery Channel.

The New Steinbach firm in Marienberg

Visit the Steinbach Volkskunst factory in Marienberg, Saxony, Germany and see nutcrackers being design and made. In this video you will see the artisans making this year's Woodland Santa, first in a new series of nutcrackers.

How Spanbaum or Shaved Wood Trees are Made

This video shows the meticulous skill used to create the wooden shaved trees that we sell in our shop... This video was created at the Seiffener Volkskunst eG in Seiffen, Erzgebirge, Germany.

A wood turner finds a unique method to create small animals!

This video shows the most ingenious process in which German German woodworkers from the Ore Mountains are able to make little animal figures so identical to each other. Filmed at the Wolfgang Werner factory in Seiffen, Germany... (Audio in German).

German Christmas Pyramids and Ornaments

This Martha Stewart Christmas special (2001) includes a large segment where Martha interviews a younger Ringo Müller who's factory in Seiffen, Germany produces perhaps the finest pyramids from the Ore Mountains today.

The Erzgebirge - Seasonal Traditions

This video shows the towns in the Ore Mountains and helps us understand a little more about the wood crafts that are produced in this once bustling mining region of Germany....

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