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Steinbach Nutcracker Signing Event
14 November 2019
Author: John & Sarah Ranes November/14/19

Nutcracker Signing
Thursday Nov 14th 2019
2:00pm to 6:00pm


For the first time, The Frame Workshop will be honored to host a visit by the new owner of the respected German nutcracker maker, Steinbach Volkskunst, GmbH.

We welcome Rico Paul, on his first visit during our annual Christmas Open House. We had been honored to have previously hosted visits by Christian and Karla Steinbach over a number of years.

Now, Please join us and meet the new Steinbach owner, Herr Rico Paul!

DDV-August-19 Augustus the Strong - August der Starke

Augustus the Strong is a Special Limited Edition nutcracker produced by Steinbach Volkskunst on the occasion of his 350th Anniversary.

This nutcracker is limited in production to only 350 pieces and normally retails for $399 but is available during the Signing event for $299.

Steinbach Volkskunst GmbH
Yesterday and Today

After WWII, Christian Steinbach, founder of the firm quickly made contacts with the U.S. Soldiers that were stationed in West Germany and wanted to bring an original German souvenir back to the United States after their service. What would be better than traditional German wood-crafted Smoker or Nutcracker?

Ever since this time, the Steinbach firm has produced mainly nutcrackers, which became more and more popular in America. After Germany re-unified, the Steinbachs moved back to the Ore Mountains in Saxony and opened their factory in Marienberg.

Christian Steinbach, who promoted sales in the U.S. himself for many months each year, became the King of Nutcrackers and the business flourished up until his sudden death in 2008. His missing drive and the financial crisis in America became a serious problem and in 2015, the company went bankrupt and prospects for the future were not looking too good.

During that difficult time, a young entrepreneur, Rico Paul from Dresden developed an interest in Steinbach. He learned about the bankruptcy and the shutdown of the factory and right away he knew that the Steinbach brand, the company as well as those beautiful nutcrackers, needed to be salvaged.

Previously as a child, Mr. Paul marveled at his dad when he was carving figurines at his wooden lathe. That was when he discovered his love for wooden folk art.

Together with former employees, some former customers and suppliers, he created a concept to keep the Steinbach tradition alive, but also make it more modern. Now in it's fourth year, the Steinbach firm is back in Marienberg in the heart of the Ore Mountains, producing some beautiful nutcracker designs once again...

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