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Bride's Ornaments - Special Meanings & Symbolism
Author: John Ranes II November/18/04

An old Bavarian tradition dictates that each newly wed couple requires these twelve ornaments for their Christmas tree as they begin their lives together.

Thus the Bridal Collection of 12 glass ornaments was created in a boxed set to protect these delicate mouth blown glass ornaments.

This collection comes in a wooden hinged box to protect each ornament and is wrapped in tissue. Each Ornament has special meaning and symbolism to the new Bridal couple and is printed on the bridal certificate that accompanies each collection.

Each Bridal Collection includes these twelve ornaments...

Angel: This is a symbol of God's guidance.

Fruit basket: Like a cornucopia during Thanksgiving, a fruit basket represents generosity and plenty.

Pine cone: A pine cone, an evergreen symbol, represents fruitfulness, eternity, motherhood, and fertility.

Teapot: Inviting a guest for tea is a nice way to demonstrate your hospitality.

Heart: As you might expect, a heart is a symbol of true love and love in the home.

Santa: Santa Claus is a symbol of goodwill, giving, and sharing.

Bird: A bird, more specifically, a dove represents the Holy Spirit. It symbolizes joy and happiness. If the bird is in a nest, then it represents confidence in the cottage or home.

Rose: The rose is a symbol of affection and the Virgin Mary. A yellow rose symbolizes faithfulness in marriage.

4 Additional Ornaments in the Bridal Collection

Flower basket: A flower basket or bouquet symbolizes good wishes or beauty in the home.

House: Pretty much self-explanatory, a house represents a family's shelter or protection.

Fish: A fish, symbolic of Jesus Christ, represents Christ's blessing, as well as fertility.

Rabbit: A rabbit stands for hope and peace with nature.

These collections by Inge-glas of Germany were first offered in a cardboard box, which was later upgraded to a painted hinged wooden box for better protection.

We still offer this original German made Inge-glas Bridal Collection along with the Deluxe version which has two ornaments painted with the Life Touch technique. (Angel & Santa) The Deluxe version is presented in a laminated magnetic closure box.

Traditional Bridal Collection in Wooden Box
If you have any questions about the Bridal Collections please write us, and remember that we also stock Replacement Bridal Ornaments as well.

Full Life Touch collection of Bride's Ornament in magnetic box - Deluxe Collection
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