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Glass Ornaments
     All mouth-blown and hand painted glass ornaments 
from Europe, we stock one of the largest selections 
of Inge-glas ® of Germany ornaments in the U.S. 

     Guided by passion and perseverance, Inge-Glas of 
Germany celebrates a beautiful story that, after four 
centuries, is still being told. Immersed in the glass 
blowing industry since 1596, the Müller-Blech family 
works diligently to perfect the craftsmanship of mouth
blown Christmas ornaments from their Neustadt, bei 
Colburg factory in Germany.  

   We also offer a fine selection of glass ornaments 
from other German and European makers including 
Christborn Ornaments l Abigail's Collection Dog Ornaments - Tannenbaum Treasures Nostalgie-Christbaumschmuck
Inge-glas ® Bride's Ornament Collections are available online as well as Replacement Bride's Ornaments. Ornament Accessories
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Kalle - Gnome
2020 Inge-glas Ornament

Enchanted Forest
Designed by Birgit Müller-Blech, she brings new ornaments to life at this 15th Century old, family run business. Kalle is perhaps the cutest forest gnome that you will ever meet! Made in Neustadt, Bavaria, Germany by Inge-glas® Manufaktur 2019 Introduction - 2020 Addition 3-5/8 inches - 9,0 cm

Kalle - Gnome<br>2020 Inge-glas Ornament
Flower Basket Ornament - Mini Brides
The Flower Basket represents good wishes to the Bride and Groom and therefore is part of the Bride's Ornament Collection. Hand blown in Neustadt by Inge-glas ® of Germany Introduced in 2009 as part of the newest version of this miniature Bridal Collection. 2 inches - 5,0 cm

Flower Basket Ornament - Mini Brides
Snow Berries Reflector
2022 Inge-glas Ornament

Shining Northern Lights
Quietly lies the Scandinavian wooden house in the middle of a frosty snowy landscape, after the sun has finally set. As our gaze wanders outside, the first northern lights are already appearing on the horizon. Petrol blue and silver tones with glittering accents and filigree motifs pick up on this mood accomplished by radiant reflectors... Click on Image to Enlarge. This blown glass reflector ornament captures those emotions in a dramatic fashion... Made in Neustadt, Bavaria, Germany by Inge-glas® Manufaktur 2022 Introduction 2-13/8 inches - 6,0 cm

Snow Berries Reflector<br>2022 Inge-glas Ornament
Tinsel Angel
2022 Inge-glas Ornament

Heavenly Messengers
From the Latin word "angelus" which means messenger, their duties are to assist and serve God. Given wings, they are a glorious spirit helping us to soar with grace. Angels are guardians of love, hope and wonder, the keepers of magic and dreams. Angels watch over us and guide us in or daily lives. We are all angels in training; all we have to do is spread our wings and fly. Decorated in rich Gold, Champagne and Silver accents with over-sized golden wings, this angel displays a majestic, almost royal presence... This ornament has been created with the detailed & innovative Life Touch painting technique! Made in Neustadt, Bavaria, Germany by Inge-glas® Manufaktur 2022 Introduction 5-1/8 inches - 13,0 cm

Tinsel Angel<br>2022 Inge-glas Ornament
Vintage Church
2022 Nostalgia Ornament

These ornaments from the Nostalgia collection are a tribute to the good old days and evoke warm and cozy memories of childhood days. Mouth-blown in original moulds which are over 100 years old and lovingly hand-painted and patinated. This petite ornament of a red roofed church is a must for anyone who desires a classic look to their Christmas tree. Mouth blown and hand painted in Germany! Made in Neustadt, Bavaria by Inge-glas® Manufaktur 2022 Introduction 3-1/8 inches - 8,0 cm

Vintage Church<br>2022 Nostalgia Ornament
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