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Father Christmas 2024
Dated Inge-glas Ornament
IG10 001 s024
Ornament of the year for 2024 is...

...a reminder of warmth and customs - the traditional German 
Father Christmas.  Wrapped in a rich brown coat, also known as 
Saint Nicholas, he transforms the 6th of December into a 
magical day of joy.  He visits the children, laden with small 
gifts and sweets, and fills the air with anticipation.

Amidst songs, poems and the children, he brings kindness and 
hope for the coming year.  Father Christmas, a symbol of 
generosity and compassion, embodies the spirit of giving.  He 
transforms Christmas into a radiant celebration that warms 
hearts and celebrates the joy of love.

Each 2024 dated ornament comes with a distinctive gift tag and 
individually packaged in an Inge-glas oval shaped shaved wooden 

Made in Neustadt, Bavaria, Germany by 
Inge-glasĀ® Manufaktur
2024 Introduction - New Series
5-3/8 inches - 13,5 cm
Limited Edition to Annual production in 2024

The Date is embedded into the ornament mould verso as on 
previous Annual Dated Ornaments.
Pre-view Only... Not available until 31 July 2024 Any order placed now will be shipped in August...)
Price    $97.50