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Gingerbread Man
2022 Ulbricht Nutcracker
This natural-colored gingerbread seller will certainly not 
get cold at the market, as he has pulled his warm bobble hat 
down over his face.  He has spread out the tastiest 
gingerbread on his large vendor's tray, and their scent is 
delicious in the cool air.  Perhaps the cuddly fellow will 
drop by your place sometime?

Technically a "natural" nutcracker from the Ulbricht 
collections, this Gingerbread seller has been accented with 
blue stain portions and blue fabric for a very pleasing and 
rich blend of colors.

Attention to detail is a trade mark of every Ulbricht 
nutcracker that originated with Otto Ulbricht in the 
Erzgebirge in 1928.  A glazed finish reveals rich wood tones 
in this nutcracker.

Made in Germany by 
Holzkunst Christian Ulbricht
Open Edition Nutcracker
2022 Introduction
15-5/8 inches - 39,5 cm
Price    $269.00