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Q. How much would it cost to matte and frame a 13 x 19 picture?
A. Owen,

Pricing depends on the choice of the moulding, the number and type of mats used, the type of glass selected, and how the artwork is mounted. Are we speaking about a photograph, a limited edition print, fine art or needlework?

There are multiple variables. A doubled matted photograph with 3 inch matting would produce a finished frame size of 19x25 and might price out anywhere from $185 to $235 with a double mat, dry mounting, and regular glass. Hopefully this will give you a ballpark estimate.

If you are local, please bring the item in and when we assist you with a design, we can price the selection right to the penny.


John Ranes II, CPF, GCF
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Q. How much would it cost to matte and frame a 13 x 19 picture?

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